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Picturing anarchy

A fascinating and graphically illustrated story on the blog of Verso publishers about the creative energy which emerged when Colin Ward, editor of Freedom Newspaper in the 1960s (a place where lots of friends of the SI editor used to… Read More ›

Where Children Sleep

Photographer James Mollison did a stunning exhibition, James and Other Apes, at the Herbert gallery in Coventry last year.  He has also photographed rock fans to demonstrate the idea that music fandom creates a quasi-familial community. His newest project is an… Read More ›

The real naked bodies

In this video, Jennette Williams, winner of the 2008 CDS/Honickman First Book Prize in Photography, tells the story of making the photographs in her book “The Bathers,”. Jennette Williams: “The Bathers” from Center for Documentary Studies on Vimeo.