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The E-mail Charter

I came across this great initiative via Blair Matthews – it started with a blog post by Chris Anderson and Jane Wulf from TED that has since been added to by a wide range of contributors: 10 Rules to Reverse… Read More ›

Technology and Human Nature

In their Webcam, Daniel Miller and Jolynna Sinanan offer what they describe as a theory of attainment. While I’m not sure they’d accept my terminology, I read this as an attempt to theorise the causal powers of technology in relation to the causal powers of… Read More ›

Philosophy by podcast?

In this podcast Nigel Warburton and David Edmonds, the duo behind the popular philosophy bites series, talk about podcasting and its broader significance in contemporary society. We found this fascinating, on a narcissistic level because of the idea that the unglamorous job of digital editing… Read More ›