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CfP: Queer Partnering 2016

QUEERING PARTNERING 2016 – CALL FOR PAPERS Queering Partnering is the 1st International Conference stemming from the large ERC funded study INTIMATE: Citizenship, Care and Choice – The micro-politics of intimacy in Southern Europe (www.ces.uc.pt/intimate). This year the Conference will… Read More ›

Regulating Intimacy: A Research Symposium

Regulating Intimacy: A Research Symposium “Intimate Labors and the Labors of Intimacy” Indiana University, Bloomington September 26, 2015 http://regulatingintimacy.wordpress.com/ Paper submission deadline: May 8, 2015 Regulating Intimacy is an interdisciplinary research symposium held annually at Indiana University. We seek to… Read More ›