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The End of Theorists?

We’ve indirectly linked to this before but stumbling across it momentarily reminded me of how good it is: The End of Theorists: The Relevance, Opportunities, and Pitfalls of Theorizing in Sociology Today

What is theory?

Another interesting video from iai.tv: Theories, Mysteries and Mistakes We assume our theories about the world are gradually uncovering the way it really is. Yet from quantum mechanics to post-structuralism, the reality the theories describe is contradictory. Should we conclude… Read More ›

Philosophy by podcast?

In this podcast Nigel Warburton and David Edmonds, the duo behind the popular philosophy bites series, talk about podcasting and its broader significance in contemporary society. We found this fascinating, on a narcissistic level because of the idea that the unglamorous job of digital editing… Read More ›