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The Psychology of Writing

This typically fascinating post on BrainPickings reflects on the psychology of writing and its implications for the notion that a fixed writing routine is most conducive to creativity and productivity. The argument certainly seems plausible yet I remain ambivalent about… Read More ›

Žižek as a player of paradoxes

Thanks to Colin Wight for pointing out this great analysis of the formulaic tendencies in Žižek’s writing style:  Žižek arranges his book like a piece of music with different movements, with chapter subheadings such as “allegro moderato”. This is fitting, because Žižek is something of… Read More ›

Improvisation in academic life

I really like Steve Fuller’s arguments about ‘improvisation’. He rehearsed them yesterday in a post for Sociological Imagination about the originality of conference keynotes: For about ten years now, I’ve been arguing about the benefits of improvisational performance in academia, not simply… Read More ›

CfP: Not Your Typical Call for Papers

With the 2014 Volume, the Berkeley Journal of Sociology will focus its efforts on writing a “history of the present.”  The journal will no longer publish academic research articles. Instead, we seek compelling essays, insightful commentaries, critical analyses, and topical symposiums on… Read More ›

Do you have quotitis?

This is a common disease amongst qualitative researchers. One which, though I occasionally suffer from it myself, nonetheless irritates me when I read other people’s work. But what is it? Nick Hopwood explains: Quotitis is a common disease among qualitative… Read More ›