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Praxis Habitus: On Race Religion & Culture

Mark Carrigan: social theory, social media, a/sexuality

The Global Sociology Blog: Using sociological knowledge, concepts and theories to analyze phenomena and events in a global context.

Katsas: I am a psychology & sociology student from London who has recently started blogging again after a short hiatus. My blogs draw from personal experience and observation along with academic text and research, which allows me to produce blogs with humorous anecdotes along with serious arguments.

Educateyourselffool: This page means a lot to me, in the sense that, after the death of my parents, I use to write poems( that I do not really like sharing), in order to cope with my emotions and feelings. Upon, getting into university me and my flat mates, have countless conversations about political as well as pop culture discussions, that I often wanted to have a rant about (they told me to do YouTube video, but I feel more comfortable just writing).

My page name came about after a long night of drinking and drunk talking, and I decided that if I was to ever start a page I would call it ‘educateyourselffool’ in dedication to Mr.T and all that is great about his one line that became so famous. My hope for this page is to make it, politically interesting as it could ever be, but also my hope is to sometimes speak about my experiences in life and how socially it has made me a better person.

Xavier Gimeno Torrent – Sociologist & Scientific Translator: Features bilingual blog (Catalan and English), lists of papers and books and contact details.

Transatlantic Conversations in Gender, Sexualities, Law and Justice:This blog monitors the emergence of gender and sexuality as important legal and social justice questions within science and politics. Created by two graduate students working on distinct research questions – the incorporation of sexual orientation discrimination/homophobia into the law and production of gender norms within judicial institutions – this blog details the latest academic, media, political, events and publications at the intersection of these two questions in France and the United States. This blog analyzes this evolving news in order to draw out the points in which the production of gender norms, the institutionalization of gender and sexual orientation discrimination, as well as political and scientific discourse converge. Acknowledging the complex and multifaceted nature of the question, the authors mobilize an interdisciplinary approach that draws on scientific perspectives from sociology, anthropology, history, political science, gender and sexuality studies, and legal studies. In addition, this blog is open to related areas of research and is open to outside contributions.

Jaula de Hierro (The Iron Cage) / @jauladehierro

La Jaula de Hierro es un weblog dedicado a generar preguntas y no certezas (¡Ni que fuéramos gurús!) sobre los fenómenos que dan forma a nuestro mundo contemporáneo y a reflexionar sobre el  hecho de que no somos tan libres como pensamos.

The Iron Cage is a weblog dedicated to generate questions and not certainties (We are not gurus!) about the phenomena that shape our world and to reflect on the fact that we are not as free as we think.

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