Engaged Academia

The Really Open University

The Really Open University exists everywhere, it will not be a one-off event, but an ongoing process. It will be non-hierarchical, making a start at breaking down traditional student-teacher dichotomies. We wish to engage with other communities in Leeds, and beyond. This will form part of a transformation of everyday life.

We wish to create a university where people have a passion to get up and come in and engage in learning and knowledge production. We wish to break the process whereby education and knowledge production is linked to capitalist reproduction rather than towards the general social-good.

The Freire Project

The Freire Project is dedicated to building an international critical community which works to promote social justice in a variety of cultural contexts. We are committed to conducting and sharing critical research in social, political, and educational locations.

One Dimensional University

An interdisciplinary group of research students from the University of Bristol and Cardiff University The PSS meets regularly to discuss areas of common interest and to support one another’s writing plans. Previous events organised by the PSS include a workshop on Eurocentrism (2008) and a workshop on Alain Badiou (2009). The PSS are: Maria Balen, Thomas Hayes, Andrew Holmes, Laura Morosanu, Lorenzo Silvaggi, Rosa Vasilaki and Filip Vostal. Join us on facebook: Philisophy of Social Science (PSS) Study Group

Public Sociology

The Public Sociology blog  is a joint project undertaken by staff and postgraduate students in the School of Sociology and Social Policy in the Faculty of Education, Social Science and Lawat the University of Leeds. The project is part of a wider initiative to communicate with the general public about our research projects and findings and to offer occasional commentaries on issues and events of interest and concern where our various areas of expertise may make a contribution to public discussion.

Transnational Institute

The Transnational Institute (TNI) was established in 1974 as an international network of activist  researchers (“scholar  activists”) committed to critical analyses of the global problems of today and tomorrow. It aims to provide intellectual support to movements struggling for a more democratic, equitable and environmentally sustainable world.

Inequalities Blog

This blog was set up by a bunch of young researchers – sociologists, political scientists, geographers, demographers, social policy scholars, economists – from universities on both sides of the Atlantic who wanted to create a space to critically discuss research on inequality, both our own research and the most interesting research we come across; and a community of people who want to try and tackle the injustices they see in the world by shedding light on things that would otherwise be invisible.

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