UCU National Demonstration on Wednesday 10 November 2010

Earlier this week NUS and UCU launched the ‘Fund our Future’ campaign and have written to our sister unions and community organisations to ask them to join with us in this progressive coalition to defend education and to get involved in building action for Wednesday 10 November. We will need your help in making this demonstration really count – to defend education, to fund our future, and to stop the cuts. You can view the letter here.

The demo is part of our strategy to influence the Coalition Government. NUS and UCU firmly believe that education changes the lives of individuals, families and communities. Education and skills will also be key to our economic recovery. Staff and students in further and higher education are coming together to build an unprecedented coalition to fight against the cuts that have been imposed upon our communities, as well as to resist the prospect of higher fees and increasing privatisation in education. NUS and UCU will be writing directly to all of your VCs and Principals calling on them to support our campaign to defend education provision, access and quality by signing up to our coalition and by granting release for the day of the national demonstration.

UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt said: “The very fabric of the further and higher education system is under threat from the current government. Its policies are more likely to encourage ignorance than to promote education. Plans to increase the cost of accessing universities and colleges will hit millions of ordinary families, crushing ambition and thwarting aspiration. Meanwhile suggested further cuts to budgets of more than 25% will see an estimated 50,000 college and university staff join the dole queues. While other countries are investing in education to beat recession, this country is cutting back. That is why we are teaming up with the National Union of Students (NUS). Only by working together can we build an effective coalition to challenge the cuts and call on government to change course and fund our future.”

Aaron Porter NUS National President said: “This is a crucial year for education. The future of education funding is being hotly debated and we face the threat of the most drastic retrenchment in public spending for sixty years. The student movement has played an important role at moments like these in the past. We must do so again now. To do this we must work with our allies and reach out to those in our communities who will feel the impact of these debates. We need to build for a year of action on a scale that we have not undertaken since the higher education bill six years ago and the first landmark in this year will be our joint demonstration with UCU. If you haven’t already please make contact with your UCU branch and organise to make this the most successful demonstration of recent history.”

From UCU Campaigns update e-mail

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