Generation Y doctoral students

JISC have recently released the findings from the Researchers of Tomorrow  study they conducted in association with the British Library. This three year longitudinal study explored the research behaviour of Generation Y doctoral students (those born between 1982 and 1994) and has thrown up some interesting findings. You can read the report here.

We were particularly interested in some of their findings concerning digital technology:

  • Take-up of most institutionally-provided and open web technology tools and applications is low among doctoral students overall
  • Generation Y doctoral students are more likely than older doctoral students to use technology to assist them in their research
  • Generation Y doctoral students tend to use technology applications and social media in their research if they augment, and can be easily absorbed into, existing work practices
  • Levels of use of social media and other applications helpful in retrieving and managing research information are steadily rising among Generation Y doctoral students, but those applications most useful for collaboration and scholarly communications remain among the least used
  • Fellow students and peers are the major influence on whether or not Generation Y doctoral students decide to use a technology application and are their main source of hands-on help


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