The 2011 UK Census: five fascinating facts

1> Why are there so many more women than men recorded in the Census? Are there really more women – or are other factors also in play, such as who fills in the Census forms?

2> Did you know that the median age in the UK in 2011 was 39, compared to just 25 in 1911?

3> Which is the quietest town in the UK?

4> Is inequality disappearing or deepening between the adjacent London boroughs of Kensington&Chelsea and Tower Hamlets?

5> Why is everyone flocking to Manchester and leaving Barrow?

To find answers to these and more interesting questions related to the 2011 census, read the full article on the BBC news website by Lucy Townsend and Kathryn Westcott.

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  1. the median age is not the most common age but the one seperating the data in two equally large halves, the most common age would be the mode.

  2. offending word removed!

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