A quick thought about Jiscmail


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Do you administer a JISCMail? I administer two: asexuality-discuss and socialmedia-discuss. Though I’m bad at administering them and, partly for this reason, nothing much happens on them. This is a shame because my initial motivation still stands: I thought there was inadequate dialogue taking place on both topics and I wanted to try and help bring such dialogue about, connecting with others who were interested in these topics in the process. I assume this motivation is true of many others who setup Jiscmail lists. But I grew up with vbulletin and mailing lists have never really done it for me.

I assume this also applies to others. So a proposal: if you want to consolidate a research network around a specific topic, don’t setup a mailing list. Instead create a wordpress blog. Create an account for anyone who asks for one and lay down no editorial restrictions whatsoever. Ask those who take up an account to do the same. Let a thousand flowers bloom. Don’t see the blog as a collective product but seem it as an open publishing platform, a clearing house, which serves the same purpose as a mailing list might have done but does so in a much more effective way. Thoughts?

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