Call for Micro Podcasts

Over the last couple of years we’ve hosted a lot of podcasts on Sociological Imagination. However thus far all of them have been produced by us. We’d like to host some by you as well! Specifically micro podcasts on any sociological topic.

For instance this 1 min podcast we recorded with Les Back at the British Sociological Association conference earlier this year:

It was recorded with Audioboo which is a free smart phone app that records podcasts of 3 minutes and under. It is entirely free and incredibly easy to use. It requires no technical knowledge whatsoever and allows you to publish your podcast online with a couple of clicks.

If you go through with this and post a micro podcast on your Audiboo account, we can quickly post it up on SI. All you need to do is e-mail or tweet us with the address of the podcast.

Why not give it a go…?

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