New collaborative labour history project

LabourStart, an internation news and campaigning website for trade unionists, has launched a new collaborative project and is asking labour history enthusiasts to help! They want to produce a ‘Today in Labour History’ calendar that can be added as a widget to the websites of campaigning groups, individuals, union branches and so on. Here is their announcement, reposted from the History Workshop:

We would like the calendar to be as international in its scope as possible. There are some very good sites with ‘today in labour history’ pages but they tend to be focused on events in the English-speaking world. We are particularly keen to include struggles from the global south, and transnational movements. We also want the events to reflect the whole labour movement, top to bottom. We want to include and celebrate local strikes and lesser-known individuals alongside momentous general strikes and famous activists.

We are asking people to send us any dates they would like to be included in such an online calendar. We only need a date, a brief description of an event, and a link to more information. We hope this will develop into an exciting project involving activists and labour historians from around the world.

Photo: Photo J. Hurd/TUC @jesshurdphoto, reposted from

(Photo: J. Hurd/TUC @jesshurdphoto, reposted from

Please send any ideas, or direct any questions, to Edd Mustill at

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