The US sociology job market in 2012

As the year draws to a close, let’s have a look at the sociology job market across in the USA in 2012. Neal at Scatterplot have made a crude but very helpful visualisation of the decreasing number of jobs available for sociologists this year on the basis of 329 ads posted in the ASA Job Bank. We repost the results: click on the image to read Neal’s analysis!

Scatterplot's analysis of the UK sociology job market in 2012. Pretty grim! Click on the photo to check out the blog which has a wealth of interesting sociological stuff.

Scatterplot are:

  • Jessica Collett, Notre Dame
  • Tina Fetner, McMaster
  • Jeremy Freese, Northwestern
  • Shamus Khan, Columbia
  • Dan Myers, Notre Dame
  • Andrew Perrin, North Carolina
  • and others!

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