Why did men stop wearing high heels?

Finally a good article explaining the craze of high heels with the help of some well-researched historical evidence. After years of being baffled why on earth (rather, above earth) half of the (rich) world’s population is expected (and often cherishes the opportunity) to wear such sinister monstrosities on a daily basis, I’m now somewhat less confused. Mind you, I have done ballet and still didn’t understand what the point in high heels was. I have even suffered from the realisation that this inability to understand something that everybody else takes for granted makes me a bad ethnographer and a lousy female client who frequently shops in the boys’ section of shoe shops despite the shocked faces of the shop assistants – but now the mystery link between status and lack of comfort has finally been revealed.

Read the article by William Kremer here and listen to the podcast here, available also outside the UK. Beware: unless you are a sociologist/historian specialising in both gender issues and fashion, you might have your preconceptions overthrown.

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