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  1. sounds like the author wants to be a anthropologist rather than a sociologist

  2. Many years ago, I looked at sociology, did a few ‘O’ level lessons & looked at some literature at different levels . Just couldn’t stand the subject for many of the reasons stated in your excellent column describing problems in the subject. I particularly liked your use of ‘articulated in a very truncated sense,’ ‘similarity of ideas’, ‘formulaic presentations’. These were apt observations. There are many others I could add from my own experience of life.

    In my brief acquaintance with sociology I observed all the things covered in your column, and still observe them today whenever I come across sociology literature. (You obviously experience this too, hence your article). I also occasionally hear sociologists repeating all this dreadful stuff. As you say, formulaic, and so, so samey, similar, and totally unoriginal, & so relentlessly narrow in its approach to real life. I’m glad I left the subject, couldn’t have gone on with that.

    David Wright

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