Omni Reboot: A new website for philosophical science fiction

Two weeks ago, a New Jersey based venture launched a new web magazine in the heritage of Bob Guccione‘s Omni. Besides publishing the Penthouse magazine, Guccione cared deeply about art and science, as Claire Evans, editor of Omni Reboot claims. Trying to catch the spirit of the apparently influential science-fiction magazine of the eighties and nineties, the reboot sees itself at „the intersection of science, technology, art, culture, design, and metaphysics“. The perceptible future and technology enthusiastic overtone of the publication seems to be counter-balanced by the willingness to engage with the real and potential horrors of the past and future techno sphere. Stories about illustration artwork for Frank Herbert‘s Dune cycle, about the works of the Strugatsky brothers and a fiction piece by Bruce Sterling are among the first publications of the new magazine and signal a profound sense for quality philosophical science fiction.


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Moritz Reiter (reitermoritz AT lives in Berlin. In the little spare time he has besides that, he studies for a masters in history at the Humboldt-University of Berlin, with a special interest in the history of the net.

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