The craft of co-writing

As with more things in life than I care to admit, the notion of co-writing has always been loosely tinged by association with images from Frasier. Witness the wonderful episode where Frasier and Niles attempt to write a book together:

However I’ve done it twice in recent months (one a chapter now under review and one a paper near completion) and it’s actually gone very well. There’s an obvious sense in which it’s simply easier to co-write a 6000-10000 word long piece of work than it is to write it on your own. But is this a good rationale in and of itself? I’m not sure that it is, leaving me rather suspicious of the fact that this is the defining impression left with me after having now done it twice.

What have your experiences of co-writing been like? Is it something you’ve done regularly? Is it something you’d like to do but feel reticent about? What do you think it needs to work well? Has it ever gone badly and, if so, why? We’d love to know what you think about this. If you’d like to submit a short guest post as part of our sociological craft project then please get in touch: mark AT

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  1. Just to add to that – you forgot to mention your largest co-written project: the Sociological Imagination! (also seems to be going well 😉 )Admittedly, much larger scale and longer-term, but similar in many ways.

  2. I kind of forget this is a thing – it’s become rather like brushing my teeth….

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