Screw the First Amendment

Has the United States a monopoly over lunatics like the pastor Terry Jones who intends to burn the Quran on September 11 and the erstwhile President George Bush Jr.?

In other countries these people are thrown into prisons or more likely into a doghouse if it’s Eastern Europe or South Asia. In China they’re shot dead and in Russia the mafia takes care of them. Though I’ve always thought prisons are inhuman, some form of restraint has to be applied on men like Bush Jr. and Terry Jones for a society to go on. The US is the only country on earth where you can be a stark raving lunatic, insane to the core, rabid crazy, total idiot, congenitally disordered and become a pastor or a president. It’s a mystery that the rest of the world is yet to comprehend.

Then they’ve things like the First Amendment which guarantees the right to be an areshole without having to worry what others think about it. Though the Amendment is a good thing in principle unfortunately its abusers are more in number than those whom it helps. Second, it does not guarantee – as in the case of Pastor Terry Jones – that you will not infringe upon the feelings of others especially if they don’t belong to the cultural and social space you come from.

On mainstream American TV channels you never get to see intelligent and rational men and women like Chomsky or Finkelstein or Naomi Klein. Full coverage over a period of hours, days and weeks is given to primitive right-wing sorts who’ve declared a war on humanity. These people have the First Amendment to do the jerking off part for them. Laws that allow lunatics to do whatever they like – there is something wrong with such laws. What is sicker is that the media gives a platform to such lunatics and hijacks the spaces of social and political change.

I don’t think any man has a right to be indifferent to the feelings of others. It does not matter whether the world was made in seven days or if the universe evolved from a cloud of dust or if it is standing on the back of a turtle. These are ideas at the end of the day. A human being is a human being and must be treated like one no matter where they come from or what they look like or what they believe in. Obviously Pastor Jones’ idea of God has its origins in a vengeful, spiteful, bitter and violent man up there in the skies spewing hate and venom against those who politely disagree with him. Coincidentally the God that Pastor Jones happens to believe in is as insane as himself. It is quite clear that the pastor never heard of the line from the New Testament about doing “unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

The first right that goes above and beyond every other right is that each individual person is entitled to basic human dignity which means that they don’t get used and exploited in any manner. The potential to violence of the strong must be effectively curtailed to disallow them from preying on the weak and the vulnerable. This must be a universal law cutting across nations and societies.

Secondly and as important is that rights are learnt whereas restraints are understood. Those who don’t understand restraints, they have neither learnt their rights nor have they earned them. Enlightened laws and a society snoring on the couch of the past don’t go together. Where the stupids are in a majority – this applies to most nations on earth – you educate them with the restraints and don’t just give them rights because they shoot their mouths off like their shoot off their arseholes.

While rights can be positive or negative responsibilities will always be positive. Those who think they are not responsible for the lives of others or what happens to the world I don’t think they should enjoy the best that life has to offer. Unethical men and groups are entitled to no rights at all. Cruel and cynical types–George Bush Jr. and the majority of Republicans–hopeless men of whom you can expect nothing, they should be restrained and prevented from doing harm.

Ultimately it’s about power and no man must be completely trusted with it. There are pastors in the form of mullahs and priests and religious and political ideologues of every hue and color who want power for themselves and to suppress people who are not in a position to resist; likewise there are George Bush Jrs everywhere who think that they’re born to fulfill imaginary destinies by crushing and dehumanizing the world around them. These are a small group of lunatics across the planet who unfortunately have too much power in their hands. Their agenda should be conclusively brought to an end if humanity must’ve a future.

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