BSA A-level Sociology Teaching Group event 22 Feb – abstract submission deadline

Abstract submission deadline extended!

The BSA Teaching Group is hosting a regional event at the University of Salford on 22 February. A number of time slots are to be filled by postgraduate students and early career researchers eager to come and present their work.

There is no limitation on the empirical, methodological or theoretical origins of this work, but presenters will be asked to briefly consider how their research might be incorporated into the teaching of sociology.

Conference fees will be waived for those selected to speak.

Do you want to:  Enhance your profile? Keep sociology teachers up-to date? Increase sociology’s wider knowledge base?

Come and deliver a micro-lecture (about 15 minutes) on your research to a group of committed sociology teachers who are eager to discover what the new empirical insights are showing.

Abstract submission deadline: Monday 13 January 2014

Please email to:

For further information please contact: Prof. Garry Crawford, Directorate of Social Sciences, University of Salford. Email:, Tel: (0161) 295 6557.  Or Dr Jane Kilby:,  Tel: 0161 295 3901.

Participants will be informed of the acceptance of their paper by 15 January.

For further information please Email:

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