10 reasons why you need social science

This interesting list of reasons by Audrey Osler was published by the Campaign for Social Science. Read the descriptions for each reason here.

  1. Social scientists help us imagine alternative futures
  2. Social science can help us make sense of our finances
  3. Social scientists contribute to our health and well‐being
  4. Social science might save your life
  5. Social science can make your neighbourhood safer
  6. We need social scientists as public intellectuals
  7. Social science can improve our children’s lives and education.
  8. Social science can change the world for the better.
  9. Social science can broaden your horizons
  10. We need social science to guarantee our democracy

Are there any missing? Let us know your suggestions and we’ll extend the list.

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  1. I know it’s submerged somewhere within the broaden your horizons section but he could be a bit more clear-cut about how social science helps you not to take your world for granted, as in the case of the relational sociology advocated by Emirbayer and Bourdieu. Recognising the influence of powerful societal and historical relations upon the common-sense perception of the world is essential to the broadening of horizons, identifying the forces of oppression, and to recognising the possibilities for social change (alternative futures). Possibly worthy of its own mention or at least greater emphasis within some of the articles listed.

  2. Social scientists work to eliminate mass inequalities. They care about the poor, the working poor and the working poor middle class.

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