Raise university tuition fees to improve education… or not? The German approach

What can England learn from Germany’s approach to financing higher education?

“During the past eight years, university tuition fees were introduced into most west German federal states. Yet in a few months, every single state will have abolished them. These facts raise a series of topical questions that cast current English higher education policy in a fresh and revealing light.”

Read the full article by Howard Hotson in the Times Higher Education

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  1. Interesting piece, but the portrait of Germany is a bit too idyllic. From up close, Germany’s u-turn smells of populism. Moreover, even without fees access to higher education is still more socially stratified in Germany than in the UK because of the selection mechanisms built into the system of secondary education.

    • Good point, thanks! The social stratification remains largely invisible when you look at it from abroad. Do you think that, populistic as it may be, the reform will be positive – or not?

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