How to write a good sociology essay (and not panic)

Dear stressed student,

Here are a bunch of useful resources from yours truly, the Idle Procrastinator Ethnographer for writing essays and papers:

Start small: this is perhaps the most useful of all links posted here: a post about how to write an effective paragraph. Master this and you won’t need any of the others.

A sneaky guide for writing a decent essay really fast – some of the tips are quite good.

An article on how to focus when you’re writing your PhD or anything else (I’ve bookmarked the website, it’s really useful).

Forgodssake, stop checking your email!

I know – easier said than done. Here are some more tips for getting a clearer focus on your work kicking your arse back into shape. Read this now. It will take you two minutes. It will save you countless hours.

I found this post about writing sociology papers without plagiarising on the Everyday Sociology blog three years ago and it doesn’t get old. If you are a student and have to write essays this year, read it.

Don’t (self)plagiarise! Cartoon seen at, an interesting website about online plagiarism.

Once you’re done (or almost done), here you can find an online word counter (useful if you aren’t using MSWord or Open Office but some more exotic word processing package… for example, I used it to see how many words there were in the final PDF version of my PhD thesis which I typeset in LaTeX). Warning: it can also be a source of procrastination. But then, what can’t.

The most important thing:



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