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BSA Activism in Sociology Forum welcomes new contributions from both established and early career researchers as well as sociologists outside of academia to share their hands-on activist experiences or reflections. Contributors are welcome to produce a new piece built around, but not limited to, the themes below or to respond to any future published pieces on the blog:

       Reflections on public sociology as an approach to the discipline in transcending the academy in order to engage with wider audiences
       Debates over public policy, political activism and the purposes of social movements
       The extra-academic purpose of sociology
       Turning private concerns into public issues (C Wright Mills, 1959)
       What’s the future of public Sociology?
       Applied sociology and “sociological practice” how we can use sociological knowledge in an applied setting
       Practicalities associated with field research: field access; collaboration with local partners
       Relationship between the researcher and the researched: researcher’s positionality;  power relations; insider-outsider dichotomy; boundary crossing
       Research ethics an public sociology

If interested in contributing to the blog, please contact convenors ( with your ideas including (1) a detailed abstract (about 200 words), (2) a brief biography (you may also wish to publish anonymously). The total length of each contribution can be around 500-2,000 words.

Best wishes, Jenny

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