The Life of the Mind Behind Bars

A few weeks ago we hosted an open letter by Les Back to the UK Justice Secretary Chris Grayling. In this podcast he talks to Simon Williams, a Goldsmiths student Les corresponded with during the student’s time in prison:

Les Back talks to Simon Williams about his experience of prison life, his involvement in Goldsmiths’ Open Book programme and the value of education. This discussion is structured around the letters exchanged between Simon and Les during 2013-14 when Simon was an inmate in Wormwood Scrubs. Amongst other things they talk about the current ban on sending books to prisoners, the impact of pubic sector cuts on prison life and what Simon hopes for as he contemplates start the 3rd year of his degree in Sociology.

You can listen to the podcast here. It’s part of a broader series,¬†Postcards from a sabbatical, produced by Les during his sabbatical (surprisingly enough).

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