Creative Methods in Gender, Sex and Relating

This upcoming event at Coventry University looks great. It’s the latest instalment in a series so I think there will be more to come even if you can’t make this one.

Following on from the amazing Creative Methods in Gender, Sex, and Relating, held at the Open University and Manchester University, we are pleased to announce the next instalment at Coventry University!

Do you want to explore beyond well-used methods that reproduce established stories about sex, gender, sexuality and relating? Fancy yourself doing performance, bad sex writing or as a deep thinker, visual artist or ‘craftivist’?

Creative research methods can yield narratives different from and phenomenologically richer than interviews, focus groups and surveys. When doing public engagement and dissemination, creative methods can help people think differently about sex, gender, sexuality and relations/relating to challenge popular/media representations.

This free half-day event will encourage sharing of knowledge and experiences. It will explore among a host of other issues:

•       creative writing around intimacy, desire, and sex;

•       arts-based and performance practices;

•       craft, activism and creative play to present narratives;

•       tools for collaborative production.

Also starring the ‘bad sex media’ bingo card as a way of challenging problematic media depictions.

Booking for this event can be done here:

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