Why your mind is not a computer

This is an engaging exploration of an idea that has endured for decades: the notion that we can understand the mind as a particular sort of computer. It’s an intriguing mix of panelists and one of many great discussions that are being produced by ia.tv – Dreyfus’s contribution is particularly illuminating, arguing that Artificial Intelligence is a research programme founded on a philosophical mistake that goes back to Kant’s philosophy. Philosophers have long since given up on the notion that the mind could be understood as a computer.

40 years on from the film 2001 many of its predictions have come to pass – videophones, flat screens, permanent space stations. Yet we have no equivalent to HAL, the intelligent machine, or anything close. Is it possible that the human mind is a radically different thing from a computer?

The Panel

Behavioural scientist Paul Dolan, artifical intelligence expert Margaret Boden and, live from Paris, philosopher Hubert Dreyfus join forces to confront the mind’s greatest metaphor.

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