Exploring Gender: Man Meets Woman by Yang Liu


A beautifully presented book with bold and binary pictograms illustrating gender issues of contemporary times is the perfect stimulus to use for discussion with undergraduates interested in issues of sociology, sociolinguistics, and particularly gender roles and relationships. Some of the depictions would also be useful for teachers of A level Sociology, Psychology, Media Studies or English Language to use with their students when studying gender stereotypes and sexism in modern societies.

Yang Liu:

“We are living in an age of constant social change, in which the subject of the sexes … is rapidly evolving in people’s consciousness. Each generation re-assesses and questions the role models currently in place…

It is interesting to see how Man/Woman clichés have indeed changed in our daily lives and to what extent the attributes that were assigned to the sexes in the past, often centuries ago, are still relevant in today’s society. And to consider which desirable role models are already rooted in our thinking but are still in the process of transformation”.

Modern Man v Housewife

modern man

Finding the Way




The artist:
Yang Liu was born in 1976 in Beijing. After studying at the University of Arts Berlin (UdK), she worked as a designer in Singapore, London, Berlin and New York. In 2004 she founded her own design studio, which she continues to run today. In 2010 she was appointed a professor at the BTK University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Her works have won numerous prizes in international competitions and can be found in museums and collections all over the world. East meets West, a series of infographics drawing on her personal bicultural experience has been exhibited worldwide, the corresponding book has become an instant bestseller. Yang Liu lives and works in Berlin.

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