Why do people love sport? Article by Simon Kuper (FT)

In his last contribution to the Sports column of the Financial Times, Simon Kuper considers the underlying emotional pull of watching sport. For him, being a sports fan gives us a rare chance to return to a long lost, careless childhood:

“There is no mystery about why people play sport. It is fun. It releases endorphins that make you happy. It keeps you thin. It can even keep you alive. But why watch other people play sport – and worse, why argue afterwards about how they played? …

…For many adults, their one escape from worry is being a sports fan. Watching sport, you can become eight years old again. … You cannot control who wins. And at bottom, you know it doesn’t matter. …When England fail in the World Cup people don’t jump off tower blocks. They just go to work.”

Read the full article here.

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