Applying for postdocs – what are your tips?

This Guardian Higher Education articles offers 18 tips for applying for postdoc jobs. There’s some really useful advice supplied for each one, which you can read in full here:

  • Get advice from your PhD supervisor
  • Start building your networks early
  • Finding funding
  • Be cautious about firing off out-of-the-blue emails
  • Look for opportunities outside your specialism
  • Look worldwide
  • Consider opportunities for a portfolio career
  • Try working as a researcher for a company
  • If you don’t meet the essential requirements, don’t apply
  • If there is a formal application process, read the guidance
  • Avoid excessive jargon
  • The cover letter should entice the recruiter to the CV
  • Always tailor your application
  • Put yourself in the principal investigator’s shoes
  • Show that you’re a team player
  • First impressions count
  • Talk about something other than your PhD
  • Make sure you are able to work well with your prospective boss
  • Think carefully about whether you want to stay in academia

What would you add? Are there any you disagree with? Are there some disciplinary specific aspects to this question which a general article overlooks? How do these issues differ internationally?

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