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  1. agreed— the universities do have their own protocols for refering media inquires on specific topics, but a figurehead like this could do a lot towards increasing awareness (and dispelling doubts) of the field as a whole.

  2. These are very good and indeed convincing observations, Mark. I’m fully behind the proposal for a public chair in sociology.
    I just wonder though about the VERY different views that sociologist have about….well pretty much everything that takes place in society and how the holder of this chair may end up promoting a particular understanding of sociology and its role in society – one that other sociologists may want to distance themselves from…! I’d think that for natural scientist this isn’t a major problem but maybe philosophers have found a way of dealing this problem?!
    All best

  3. This role should be central to the purpose of the discipline to help increase the knowledge & understanding of the population beyond that of mere ‘common sense’, our views tend to be drawn from narrow personal experience married together with the equally prejudiced views of journalists in the media, a much less sound source of critical thought than a discipline whose main function is to question assumptions and to knit together knowledge of interconnected fields e.g psychology, human geography, history, genetics. For a sound democracy we need an informed society but at present this information often remains lodged in the silos of educational establishments. Such a waste.

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