Preview of Book: Muslims, Schooling and the Question of Self-Segregation

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Muslims, Schooling and the Question of Self-Segregation by Shamim Miah

‘Integration’ or the supposed lack of it by British Muslims has been a ubiquitous feature in political, media and policy discourses over the past decades, often with little or no evidence base. This book is particularly timely as it draws on empirical research amongst both Muslim school students and parents to examine the question of ‘self-segregation’ in the light of key policy developments around ‘race’, faith and citizenship. It aims to contribute towards a national debate on segregation, schooling and Muslims in Britain through deconstructing the received wisdom of ‘Muslim separateness’.


“This book makes an incisive intellectual contribution to understanding contemporary educational politics, policy and practice, with a specific focus on the schooling of Muslim students. It brilliantly investigates several highly contested concepts – segregation, integration, radicalisation, Britishness – offering innovative insights into how we re-imagine educational equality and justice.” –  Mairtin Mac an Ghail, Professor of Education at Newman University, Birmingham

“Theoretically informed and empirically substantiated, Shamim Miah has produced a vitally important intervention on the ‘integration’ debates. Originally formulated and clearly presented throughout, Muslims, Schooling and the Question of Self-Segregation is a must read for both researchers and policy makers alike.” – Dr Nasar Meer, Reader in Comparative Social Policy and Citizenship, Strathclyde University.

“Muslims, Schooling and the Question of Self-Segregation is a compelling and penetrating analysis of civic integration and community cohesion in Britain. Demonstrating how complex choices surrounding housing and schooling have been misconstrued as ‘self-segregation’, Shamim Miah clearly indicates that British Muslims consistently strive to contribute, to engage and to integrate.” – Paul Nesbitt-Larking, Professor of Political Science and Visiting Professor,Department of Political Science, Huron University College, Canada and School of Health and Human Sciences, University of Huddersfield, UK

 Dr Shamim Miah is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Huddersfield, UK.

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