Radical Transfeminism at the London Conference in Critical Thought

Conference stream on Radical Transfeminism, London Conference in Critical Thought
Friday 26th/Saturday 27th June
University College London anthropology department, 14 Taviton Street, London WC1H 0BW.

Against a backdrop of social gains made by mainstream LGBT movements, the reality of trans* lives (particular for transpersons of colour) continues to be one of material and social struggle, against poverty, deprivation and violence.

While inclusion in existing structures, whether they be social initiatives or current feminisms, is often the focus of the discussion, this stream looks to radicalise the transperspective. This redistribution of emphasis from inclusion in existing centres to the possibility of elaboration from the limits outward, will give the will create the terrain for alliances, strategies, and politics. We propose to look at points of divergence instead of inclusion, both as means to build practices of solidarity, as well as highlight differences of perspective. By emphasising trans* as an open-ended category without a core, a potential radicalisation of perspective and action, as opposed to erasure, is actualised.

The stream aims to address the social, material and political necessity of transfeminism as a radical and potentially revolutionary sphere of thought and praxis. It will address the importance of a transfeminist critique of the limitations of liberal transgender politics that are being rapidly and unquestioningly taken up across the world. It specifically looks to extend transfeminisms beyond rights discourses, and formulate critiques as evolving practices and theories.

Friday 26 June 9:30-11:00 (room 2/TBC)
1. The End Times of a Failed Political Myth – openingspanel by Mijke van der Drift, Chryssy Hunter, Nat Raha.

Friday 26 June 13:45-15:15 (room 2/TBC)
2. Panel: Radical Transfeminist Activism
Mylo Lewis-Norman – Trans* generational sharing as a form of resistance to normalisation
Andy Misandry – I Have No Photo For You – liberal feminism, Germany’s Next Topmodel and why it doesn’t get better
Raju Rage – Reclaiming Radical Transfeminism: Time-Travelling Trans* Politics In Neoliberal Times
Respondent: Sasha Padziarei
Chair: Mijke van der Drift

Saturday 27 June 13:30 – 16:30 (Panels will happen with a small break in between) room 6/TBC
3. Roundtable: Radical Transfeminism in Communities
Ellis Suzanna Slack – Sexworker transfeminisms
Pum Kommattam – At the margins of margins – the necessity of actual intersectionality and solidarity in transfeminist queer communities
Audrey de Virion & Frankie Hall – The growth and formalisation of radical trans and queer support networks in Brighton, UK
Chair: Chryssy Hunter

4. Panel: Theories of Radical Transfeminism
Charlotte Gage – Reproducing ‘states of injury’ on trans* bodies: How does Wendy Brown’s concept help to think through the idea of a ‘wounded attachment’ to the female body in feminism?
Barbara Neukirchinger – Critical Theory, Poststructuralism and the Intersection of Gender and Disability
Andi Sitwell – The politics of gender variance: a queer materialist critique of identity
Chair: Nat Raha

Paper abstracts and further details at http://londoncritical.org/conference

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