Jeremy Corbyn: Hope and Possibility

A Summary of the Speech

Jeremy Corbyn’s winning speech after a stunning win of an undisputed majority today came after 99 rallies around the country. Today was poignantly the 100th gathering. And what a remarkable inspiring speech. A true leader: just, dignified and motivating.

He was critical of all the reasons people are turned off politics, providing hope and possibility for a better national and global society. Things can and will change, he told us.

He showed great appreciation for the work of his Labour party colleagues, praising the rivals in the race: Liz Kendall for standing up for what she believes in, Yvette Cooper for vocalising public support for aiding refugees, and Andy Burnham for his passionate work for the NHS. He thanked the MPs who nominated him in the spirit of inclusion and democracy. He thanked the unions for their overwhelming support, and showed opposition to the Tory government’s trade union bill.

He strongly condemned the malicious media intrusion into his family’s lives. Yes politicians can be critiqued, but the underhand dirty tactics of involving innocent people in s smear campaign need to be halted. He expressed the need for humanity when dealing with the refugee crisis. He will be at the rally later in aid of supporting refugees.

Change must come: governments cannot fund wars, whilst their citizens suffer poverty and inequality. Poverty isn’t inevitable. Things can and will change.

He highlighted the importance of engaging youth participation and voice, and welcomed new party members, and welcomed back old party members who had become disillusioned with Labour policies and practices. And he reached out to Scottish Labour supporters.

Exciting times! Hopefully there will be even more people joining the Labour party next week! Bring on the next election!

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