Call for Conference Committee Members for the Work, employment and society Conference 2018

We are seeking 4 committee members to join the Work, employment and society conference committee to serve for two years six months from June 2016 to November 2018. Applications must be submitted by Friday 6 May 2016, 17:00 (GMT).

About the newly formed Conference Committee (CC)

At the September 2015 Board meeting,   a new model of WES Conference organization was agreed upon and the method of recruiting its members and the decision making remit of the conference committee agreed.

The Conference Committee  will be formed of the following members:

  • 4 Editorial Board members
  • 2 Associate Board members
  • 2 BSA Members (Editor, Associate Board Member, other BSA member)
  • 1 co-opted member, connected to the venue that conference is being held in

Members of the CC will make all major decisions about the conference between Board meetings (location, speakers, etc.).  The CC will report to the Board at every meeting and may seek Board feedback by email between meetings.

Decisions that should be addressed/discussed with the Editorial Board before action: whether a conference will be internationally based or locally based.  The spending of WES conference funds (i.e. what budget from the conference funds is available for a conference).  It is anticipated that these questions would be addressed by the CC and the Board in the early planning stages of any particularly conference.  For example, for the 2018 conference, these discussions would take place at the January 2017 Board meeting.

The CC should plan to meet four times a year. Successful applicants will be invited to attend the next Editorial Board meeting, at the WES Conference in Leeds September  2016.

In the first round of elections 4 CC members are to be elected and their initial task will be to identify a venue for the 2018 conference. The 4 members will comprise of 2 Board members, 1 associate board member and 1 BSA member.

To apply please complete the downloadable form

You will be asked to provide the following information 

  • Name, affiliation, contact details
  • Proposer (must be a BSA Member)
  • Relationship to WES and BSA: (tick those that apply)
  1. a) Editorial Board / Associate Board Member
  2. b) Attendance at previous WES conferences
  3. c) Publications in WES
  4. d) WEEL Study group member
  5. e) BSA Member
  • Five research interests
  • Conference or other events that you have arranged/organised

CC members must maintain BSA membership during their term.

Applicants need not be a BSA member in order to apply.

If you have queries about the role or about your eligibility, please contact Elaine Forester BSA Events Team  and in the title please indicate your e-mail is relating to the WES Conference Committee 2016 – 2018

If you would like to apply please ensure your application arrives no later than Friday 6 May 2016, 17:00 (GMT). The application form is available on the BSA website:

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