Sociology 50th Anniversary e-Special Issues and Podcasts

An e-Special and series of podcasts to highlight the 50th anniversary of Sage’s journal Sociology:

Read the e-Special Issues*

Social Class and Sociology: The State of the Debate Between 1967 and 1979
Louise Ryan, Middlesex University, UK and Claire Maxwell, UCL Institute of Education, UK

Sociology in the 1980s: The Rise of Gender (and Intersectionality)
Silke Roth,University of Southampton, UK and Katherine Dashper, Leeds Beckett University, UK

Self-Identity and Its Discontents: Sociology in the 1990s
David Skinner, Anglia Ruskin University, UK, Vanessa May, University of Manchester, UKand Nicola Rollock, University of Birmingham, UK

Sociology in the 21st Century: Reminiscence and Redefinition
Rana Jawad, University of Bath, UK, Paddy Dolan, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland and Tracey Skillington, University College Cork, Ireland.

Listen to the Podcasts

Elizabeth Garnsey discusses her paper Women’s Work and Theories of Class Stratification with Louise Ryan

Sylvia Walby discusses her paper Theorising Patriarchy with Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson

Nick Crossley discusses his paper Body Techniques, Agency and Intercorporeality: On Goffman’s Relations in Public with Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson

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