Working with Alternative Traditions of Thought

ANNUAL CPD WORKSHOP: “Working with Alternative Traditions of Thought”

2nd September, 2016

Hosted by the School of Humanities, University of Brighton

Hi all

Very happy to announce more specific details on the workshop.

It will be composed of two main blocks.

First, Sanjay Seth and David Martin will lead a workshop on Subaltern Studies.

Second, Rosalba Garza and Rolando Vazquez will lead a workshop on the Modernity/Coloniality/Decoloniality project.

Bios here:

This will be a fantastic opportunity to workshop with scholars who not only have contributed to IR but who are leading figures within postcolonial/decolonial debates in their own right.

************ PLEASE NOTE:  deadline for applying to the workshop is  27th May.  

Please email Robbie Shilliam:

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