CfP: In, Against and Beyond Precarity: The Struggles of Insecure Workers

Work, employment and society is pleased to announce a forthcoming special issue: In, Against and Beyond Precarity: The Struggles of Insecure Workers

The issue will be guest edited by Gabriella Alberti, Ioulia Bessa, Kate Hardy, Vera Trappmann and Charles Umney, all at the University of Leeds, UK.

This special issue of Work, employment and society follows the thematic focus of the 2016 WES conference: ‘Work in Crisis’. Against a backdrop of ongoing transformations in the world of work, state-led austerity, welfare retrenchment and deepening inequalities, the call focuses on this crisis in terms of precarity experienced by people both in and out of work.  Contributions are invited to think critically not only about ‘precarity’, but also about the agency of those within precarious conditions and about how to move beyond them. This Special Issue would therefore welcome papers that investigate or explore:

  1. Theoretical contributions around the concept of precarity and its relation to class
  2. Patterns of precarisation, and alternative ways of understanding questions of insecurity at work
  3. The role of the state and other institutions (including unions and employers) in shaping (in)security for workers
  4. Conflicts over precarious work, including new forms of labour organising
  5. A future beyond precarity: beyond exploitation, alternative forms of production and circulation beyond the capitalist wage relation

Deadline for submissions (full papers): 01 March 2017

To read the full call for papers and for instructions on how to submit, please visit the BSA website.

The guest editors welcome informal conversations about potential submissions. For further information please contact Gabriella Alberti ( or Charles Umney (

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