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This new six-week course is designed to help post-docs improve their writing and maximise their chances of publication. The course is run by Dr Helen Kara (UK) and Dr Janet Salmons (US) who, between them, have extensive publication experience and knowledge. The course includes webinars, weekly lessons and exercises, feedback and discussion, and an online peer support group which will continue after the course is finished. By the end of the course each student will have an individually tailored publication strategy covering the next 1–5 years, and will have a plan for implementing their strategy.

Create Your Publication Strategy will enable you to:

  • Assess the publication potential of your thesis: know which parts to publish and how to develop them for publication
  • Reflect on scholarly or professional choices in light of your career goals, and know how to use publication to help you move closer to those goals
  • Evaluate steps to pursue traditional, online, or self-publishing: understand the pros and cons of writing for blogs, academic journals, books and other formats
  • Develop a clearly defined 1 to 2-year publication strategy that aligns with your career goals
  • Connect with a writing community in the form of an ongoing online support group for course students and alumni

The course is appropriate for anyone who has completed their thesis within the last five years. All you need is a good standard of written English and the ability to commit to a six-week course.

The initial course runs from 10 October to 18 November 2016, and the registration fee for this first course carries a 20% discount. The course will be run again in February-March 2017 at the full fee. Contact us with any questions or book here.

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