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Boyhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Special Issue Contemporary Boys’ Literacies / Boys’ Literatures

For the Fall 2017 issue of Boyhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal (Volume 10), the editors invite original contributions to the wide and dynamic fields of contemporary boys’ literacy and boys’ literature. Especially welcomed are critical and international perspectives on current, global and digital landscapes of texts as they speak to, and are inhabited by, boys. Manuscripts focusing on boys’ reading/writing attitudes, preferences, practices, or performances, or on gender-focused/gender-critical literacy teaching practices or policy, will be considered as well. The following perspectives fall within the CFP scope but do not exhaust it.

– Boys and multi-media/cross-media multiliteracies

– Mobile/wifi literacies and boys’ geographies; boys’ literature in a changing landscape of e-books and e-readers; boys and/in the blogosphere

– Understanding literacies and gender gaps

– Boys and contemporary/emergent game literacies

– Contemporary literacy theories and/vs contemporary gender theories

– Boys and/in the (digital) literacy classroom

– A/S/L/P: Texting/sexting/cyberbullying/cyberromancing and young genders/maturities

– Affect/Script/Discourse and readerly/writerly boyhoods

– Boys’ engagement with “content” and news in times/spaces of newsfeeds, walls, timelines, YouTube, NetFlix, and multi-group chat socialities

– Privilege, gender and textual access/opportunities in childhood and adolescence

– Changing intersections and interfaces for boys’ literacy/literature & race, & class, & sexuality, etc.

Authors are encouraged to contact Guest Editor Garth Stahl ( with queries, ideas or abstracts.

Article Submissions

First drafts are due February 1st, 2017

Final accepted drafts are due July 1, 2017. Publication is in Fall 2017.

The standard length of articles is 6,500 words, although shorter or longer manuscripts will be considered. Please follow the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition.

Authors should submit articles electronically as attachments by e-mail (Microsoft Word file or equivalent).

Formal submissions to:

Boyhood Studies (BHS) is published and distributed in print and online by Berghahn Journals

Visit BHS online for further details, including submission guidelines:

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