CfP: The Politics of Gender

*Call for Papers: The Politics of Gender*

*Accepted for the Teaching Gender Series at Sense Publishing.  *

*Adrienne Trier-Bieniek, Ph.D., editor.*

This book will serve as a primary or supplementary text for courses focused
on the ways gender and politics intersect.  Each essay will address the
ways gender has become embedded in politics, often to the detriment of
women who are in pursuit of power.  Essays for the book will be academic in
terms of structure but contributors will be encouraged to write them with a
more “reader friendly” perspective in mind.  In other words, shorter, less
academic essays will be considered.  Each chapter will end with pedagogical
tools such as classroom discussion topics and supplemental reading.  Chapters
will address gendered politics by covering areas such as:

·         The place of gender in U.S. politics

·         The place of gender in international politics

·         Relationships between social movements, gender and politics

·         Social inequality and gendered political institutions
(particularly intersectional inequality)

·         Intersectional perspectives on the political

·         The role of technology

·         The effect of media

·         Body politics (particularly as it relates to gender, race, class,
sexuality, age, disability etc.)

·         Transgender rights

·         Local politics

Other potential topics will be considered.

The collection will be guided by two overarching questions:

1.      How do political institutions reinforce gendered approaches to

2.      What role does intersectionality play in politicizing gender?

I am looking for highly student-friendly writing (jargon-free whenever
possible). To this end, essays which follow less traditional academic
formats will be considered. (For example, essays and stories in which
authors share personal experiences or observations, and then apply these
experiences to theoretical perspectives, data, terminology etc.)

Please email submissions to Adrienne Trier-Bieniek, Ph.D. at by February 15, 2017.  Proposed chapters should be
at least 500 words in length, full-length submissions are preferred but not
required.  Final chapter drafts will need to be between 5000-8000 words,
depending on the number of chapters accepted.

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