Doing Social Media Analysis with Free Tools

Doing Social Media Analysis with Free Tools

A Digital Sociology Study Group Event

28 April 2017, 10:00-13:00
Leeds Beckett University, UK
Analysing Data from Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Smartphones

Social media are now a central part of many people’s lives. When we send
messages, comment, upload photographs and make connections with others we
are creating new kinds of networks. This creates vast amounts of data which
hide valuable insights. This workshop will introduce a range of free tools
which can help you to collect and analyse these data. It will also help you
to tackle the even thornier issue of how to interpret these data as a

We will engage in hands-on workshop activities on data-driven digital
methods and their research applications in relation to people’s lives.The
aim is to introduce critical engagement with the digital tools as well as
the application of these tools to research questions. The workshops will be
conceptually grounded in the problems of public communication and privacy,
digital media production and consumption, and the ethical issues associated
with big/social data and digital methods in the context of digital media
Outline of the event

Tools to be introduced will enable researchers to collect data from
Smartphones; Twitter; Youtube; Facebook as well as visualise and export the
data for publication without any programming skills required.

Asking questions regarding every decision in these processes is a necessary
component of thinking sociologically while archiving, visualising and
interpreting the data being collected.

We will work through four main themes:

– Social Media Data Collection
– Social Media Data Analysis
– Visualisation and Presentation
– Ethics of Mapping Social Media

Convened by Dr Steven McDermott
who lectures on contemporary developments in media and communications at
the University of the Arts London.
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