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Philosophy often operates at such a high level of abstraction it is difficult to see how it can be useful to practicing social scientists. The work of Roy Bhaskar is no different. Renowned for its difficulty, its technicality, and its obscurity, while Bhaskar claims to underlabor for social science, his work remains a work for philosophers rather than researchers. Based off a forthcoming book in the Routledge Critical Realism series in this webinar Dr. Timothy Rutzou (Yale University) will discuss Bhaskar’s work focusing upon ontology, epistemology, and methodology, and looking to answer the question, how on earth does one use the work of philosopher Roy Bhaskar to do empirical social science?

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  1. Pierre Bourdieu used it!

  2. Hey Mark, Thanks for the brilliant blog and just to reassure you that real people do read it should point out that mysteriously the webinar video link “has been removed by the user. Sorry about that.” Having seen it before it vanished you aren’t missing much although the book sounds like it could be good. So far the best answer I have found to, “…how on earth does one use the work of philosopher Roy Bhaskar to do empirical social science?” has been Paul K. Edwards et al’s book discussed here http://criticalrealismnetwork.org/2016/01/11/putting-critical-realism-into-practice/ and of course the man himself in Enlightened Common Sense (2016) but always on the look out for other suggestions of accessible ways into metareality for the un-academic.

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