A note on this weekend’s post and the future of this blog

Over the weekend, Steve Fuller published a blog post which has understandably been the object of many complaints. Steve is one of a number of people who have accounts which enable them to post directly on the site, without the intervention of an editor. For the six years he has been posting on the site, this has been unproblematic until now. But I’m in complete agreement with the criticisms made of this post, through e-mail and Twitter, regretting the fact that it was ever posted. I’ve decided we should continue to host the piece but also carry responses to it, as well as linking to this note. If you’d like to write one, please e-mail me at mark@markcarrigan.net to discuss ideas or with your completed response.

If we had a mandatory review process, requiring any post to be at least looked over by another person, it obviously wouldn’t have happened. But it also reflects my own lack of attentiveness to Sociological Imagination over a number of years now. What was once an enormously fulfilling hobby has long since become a slightly unwelcome commitment which I aim to dispense with as quickly as possible each month. This has felt frustrating to me for a long time but until this morning, it simply hadn’t occurred to me how problematic this could prove in practice. I now realise how irresponsible it is to leave a platform like this effectively running unattended. This seems like a good reason to finally put the site on indefinite hiatus, with the intention of hopefully relaunching it at some indefinite point in the future with a new purpose & new team behind it.

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  1. I am sorry to see Sociological Imagination go into hiatus, but I support your decision. Thanks for all you have done.

  2. I’ll keep a look out for the time, if/when you start up again. As an autistic I applaud your sense of responsibility and appreciate the need to put Socialogical Imagination on hold. I’ve onlyjust discovered this site and will read earlier articles.

  3. I just discovered this blog today and browsing it I was excited about the richness of the contents.
    However I read this post discovering that Sociology Imagination will be suspended… I’m very unlucky!
    I hope you will find the best solution for the blog’s future.

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