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A couple of months ago, I decided to put Sociological Imagination on hiatus after a contributing author posted something which left me unwilling to run a group blog without a proper editorial process. Since then I’ve been wondering what, if any, purpose this site could serve.

Unfortunately, none of us have the time nor energy to implement a proper editorial process. I’m open to suggestions from potential editing teams who have ideas about how to take this forward: e-mail using this form with your proposal to discuss.

In the meantime, it seems a waste to leave the site completely derelict. We still get 400-600 hits per day and have 29,000 followers on Twitter. Therefore, for the time being, we’re open to using this as a community noticeboard. If you have calls for papers, event announcements or calls for contributors to disseminate then send them in plain text using this form and I’ll publish them unless they seem obviously irrelevant to our audience.

In a few months, I’ll review the engagement to see if this function proves useful. At that point, we might actually call it a day on the site. There has been some great writing posted here over the years, so I would like to put together a book of highlights if we do take the site offline.

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  1. I can’t quite remember the details of the deal breaker. However I wonder at the response. Most of us would recognise the risks inherent in open access academic social media. So I would not think your very excellent brand or reputation has been broken. If the offending item was removed with explanation and follow up, is that not sufficient? We now see the hidden voices some of which need voice with respect to intersectionality. However others are more questionable. Social media and digital publishing has provided a space for all.
    Apologies if my assumptions about the issue are not accurate but it would seem a pity given the level of engagement to let your knowledge dissemination go. To quieten your own voice would be a loss.
    Hope you are okay.
    Dr Karen Price.
    MBBS , Fracgp
    PhD candidate Monash University
    GPDU forum Admin.

    • Thanks, there’s definitely an element of that in my reaction. But it’s mostly about being realistic about how much time & energy I have. I hope we can find a good purpose for what we’ve built but I’m increasingly aware I can’t offer enough any more in terms of taking it forward.

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