Call for Contributions: Public Scholarship and Private Commitment

Why do you care about your research? What is it that makes you want to spend your time exploring this area of the social world? What does it mean for you to gain understanding of these aspects of social life? Our answers to these questions often encompass the biographical, ethical and political. However these aspects of our involvements are often relegated to the background, as the factors seen as relevant to scholarship are too frequently construed in narrowly intellectualising ways.

The Social Imagination is intended as a space in which private commitments can be reconciled with public scholarship. Therefore we are soliciting contributions (articles, polemics or research profiles) which explain how the two are linked and thus address the aforementioned questions. For submission details see here.

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  1. I keep hitting the link for more details but I get a 404 file not found error.

  2. Apologies! Slight technical error – now fixed.

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