Discourses of Dissent: this Wednesday (16th) in Birmingham

Discourses of Dissent is a one day symposium, open to all, which explores the relationship between social theory and political resistance. In light of the coalition government’s austerity agenda and the emerging movement against it, the event asks how academic research (with a particular focus on social theory) can help inform and sustain political resistance.

Central Birmingham, February 16th, 1:30pm to 6:30pm

To register go to www.discoursesofdissent.com

Session 1: Social Theory and the Politics of Austerity

Ruth Levitas – The necessity of utopian thinking
Sasha Roseneil – Criticality, not paranoia: Registers of critical social theory
Karen Rowlingson- Why doesn’t the British public seem to care about inequality or the cuts in public spending?

Session 2: Envisioning Public Universities and Public Futures

Steve Fuller – What are we defending when we defend public universities?
John Holmwood – The idea of the public
Dan Hind – Media reform and the public university

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