Royalty, weddings, gender, and class: What is so middle-class about Kate Middleton?

Don’t miss the Live Chat by Warwick PhD student Sam Lyle at the Warwick University Knowledge Centre (today, Wednesday 27th April, at 2 pm), regardless of whether you are interested, amused, baffled, or repulsed, by the imminent royal wedding.

The live chat will begin at 2pm (GMT), a link will be posted at the event page: from 1.55pm (GMT).

The topics of the live chat will centre around the royal wedding when considered alongside gender and social class, and aim to answer questions such as:

  • What has been the media and social response to Kate and William’s engagement?
  • Are we, as a nation, anxious about middle-class identities?

If you are not able to attend the live chat, a summary will be posted on the Knowledge Centre after the event.

Sam’s PhD work focuses on social class and gender, and in this live chat she will be helping us answer the question: ‘What’s so middle-class about Kate?’.

In November 2010, Sam appeared on local radio speaking about the engagement between Prince William and Kate Middleton (listen to the programme here:

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