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Recently a videoclip of me giving one of the first TEDx lectures at Warwick was posted here on ‘Humanity 2.0’, which is about changing definitions of the human, an issue central to the past, present and future of the social sciences. I have been exploring this line of thought in several forums recently, including the Virtual Futures 2.0 conference at Warwick and a new book, due out in the Autumn.

However, I want to draw your attention to an Australian blog that has been doing an excellent job over the past few years covering this topic, especially bringing to bear a critical social theoretic perspective on various formulations of our emerging post-/trans-human horizons. The blog is maintained by a sociologist whose Ph.D. I externally examined for the University of New South Wales a few years ago. It is especially perceptive in capturing passing media representations of the future of humanity. The blog has the suitably science-fictional name of Acheron LV-426, and I recommend that you trawl through it at your leisure.

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