Discussion of the White Paper on higher education 19 August

White Paper on Education in England 2011

White Paper on Education in England 2011

Dear All,

The Higher Education Research Group at the University of Southampton would like to invite you to a discussion of the recent White Paper on higher education on 19 August. These government proposals precede actions and legislation which will have a major effect on the higher education sector in which we work and/or study. The White Paper is currently out for consultation. The government welcomes input from anyone with an interest in the proposals.

The meeting on 19 August will start at 10.15am and end about 3pm and will be at the University of Southampton. I attach a copy of the programme as it stands at the moment. It is still “under construction”. Professor Ted Tapper, Joy Moloney and Professor Roger Brown will address aspects of the existing White Paper while Professor John Holmwood will propose an alternative White Paper. As well as presentations, there will be plenty of time for comments and questions.

The meeting may remain just a discussion of the issues or may potentially provide input into the consultation through the Higher Education Research Group or a university response or a Student Union response or a UCU response or response from the Campaign for the Public University. These are all options.

If you would like to attend the meeting, please let me know so I can order appropriate amounts of refreshments (B.H.M.Johnston AT soton.ac.uk) I will also email those who would like to attend some reading to do beforehand. I will also be able to let you know which room the event will be in shortly.

Apologies for the short notice and mid-August date of the meeting, but the consultation period for the White Paper is short, ending in September.

Thank you.

Best wishes,

Brenda Johnston
Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer
Southampton Education School
University of Southampton

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